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Portrait Marzena Godecki was born in Poland on September 28, 1978. She was 16 and a modern dance and ballet student in Melbourne, Australia, when she was selected from more than 500 girls who auditioned for the role of Neri in Ocean Girl.

When she first tried out for the part Marzena recalls being taken to a local ocean pier in Melbourne and thrown into the cold waters to see if she was comfortable. She was, and after landing the lead role, Marzena was able to sharpen up her swimming skills and learn how to scuba dive at the Ocean Girl location, Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, Australia.

During the filming, she's been able to swim with dolphins and even with a pod of Minke whales that came up to the film crew's boat. Because much of Ocean Girl is filmed in the open water, Marzena is always under the close watch of a stunt and dive safety team who keep a watch out for curious sharks!

Marzena's favourite food is Japanese (though she eats a lot of Indian because it's her Mum and Dad's favourite) and her favourite bands are Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots.

Marzena has taken most of 1996 off from Ocean Girl to complete her final year at secondary school concentrating on her favourite subjects - Maths and Science. She hopes to secure a place at University in Australia in Veterinary Science owing to her love of animals. However, acting will always come first and Marzena plans to put university on hold while she nurtures her acting career.

Now gracing television screens in 70 countries around the world, Marzena has accumulated quite a fan club. But despite the hundreds of fan letters she receives and the fact that she is often recognised in public, Marzena doesn't see herself as a star. "I didn't get into acting for fame and glory" she says, "but rather to be successful at what I do and to enjoy it".

Marzena acknowledges that playing the character of NERI has certainly rubbed off. "I'm more environmentally aware than ever before - especially towards the oceans" she says "when filming underwater for Ocean Girl 3 I was sickened to see litter on the Great Barrier Reef - one of the Earth's natural wonders. I do my best to help the environment and, as we all know, every little bit counts".


Seventeen year old David Hoflin (pronounced Darvid) started his film career at the age of eight alongside superstars Meryl Streep and Sam Neil in the film EVIL ANGELS. A decade later sees David with a leading role in the worldwide hit television series, Ocean Girl.

David has played the role of JASON BATES in all three Ocean Girl series and will continue the role in the upcoming fourth series. JASON is Ocean Girl's closest friend and confidante, a role that has seen him lead NERI and the ORCA kids through many exciting adventures and escapades.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, David and his family came to Australia when he was four years old. From this early age David was performing at every opportunity, "my mother remembers a time when I acted like a dog for several days, if she spoke to me I'd bark in response!" Another time David put on a spontaneous one man play for his dentist!

Following on from these beginnings David worked on several Australian films and television programs but Ocean Girl has certainly been the highlight. "It's the best thing I've ever done. The atmosphere on set is great as are the storylines. I feel very proud to have worked on the production as it hasn't broken away from the environmental theme which is so important. The significance of friendship is another strong theme and there are no racial prejudices - people from ORCA are from all walks of life - even alien!"

David has just completed his final year at high school. And although he would like to make acting his career, he also hopes to attend University to study Law and History. "Acting isn't stable enough unless you have an ongoing job, I'd like to have a degree to fall back on".

Outside of study and Ocean Girl David spends a lot of his time playing the guitar. His "hero" is Eric Clapton. He keeps fit by playing indoor soccer and basketball and is a champion tennis player. He also enjoys creative drawing and reading up on History. "I'm intrigued by the lost civilisations - the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. I like to contemplate History's unsolved questions."

David's own future is also very much on his mind, ultimately he would like to work on feature films with Directors such as Martin Scorcese, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Australian Director, Fred Schepisi. He'd love to work with actors such as Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins and Leonardo De Caprio and actresses Meryl Streep (again), Lauren Holly and Cathy Baker.

Judging from the amount of fan mail David receives from all over the world there's little doubt David will be successful. "I get a lot of mail from Japan which is fun. They are so polite - they call me Mr. David! It's heartwarming that they take the time to write to me, many say it's the first letter they've ever written in English!"

With the fourth season of Ocean Girl scheduled for filming in 1997, David has his immediate sights set on returning to the role, "My main ambition now is to finish Ocean Girl 4!". After that there should be no shortage of roles for David as he becomes a most eligible leading man.


Jeffrey Walker is a well known face to millions of families in Australia and around the world. A veteran actor at the age of 14, Jeffrey was a mere seven years of age when he appeared in his first feature film, PROOF with Hugo Weaving. From that time on Jeffrey has rarely been out of work!

Jeffrey's volume of work includes many Australian children's and adult series but it is through the series Ocean Girl that Jeffrey is seen in over 70 countries around the world. Jeffrey plays BRETT BATES in the series, the youngest of the BATES family who befriend the mysterious Ocean Girl, NERI.

Jeffrey is soon to embark on the fourth series of Ocean Girl to be filmed in 1997. It seems Jeffrey and BRETT have almost grown up together, "We are similar in some ways, we like to have fun no matter what and we both love adventures." There has been no lack of excitement for Jeffrey in this role - riding jet skis and waverunners, scuba diving, boating and four wheel motorbiking are just some of the adventures Jeffrey has had on the series.

But when Jeffrey has a break between series he tends to get down to serious business. What other fourteen year old has a property portfolio! With some advice from his parents Jeffrey has invested his earnings wisely in property, shares, a car and a business.

Jeffrey also loves to play sports - swimming, bike riding, water skiing and knee boarding are just a few. His favourite band is the Beatles and licorice is his favourite food. "My friends at home treat me like anyone else but I do feel different - I've worked with adults for half my life and schools never been a big factor for me, I do most of it on film sets."

Jeffrey has his sights firmly set on a long career in the film and television industry. "Acting itself will decide if I'm good enough to continue down that path", he modestly states, "but I've also learnt a lot of the technical side of things and I'm interested in becoming a Director of Photography and possibly a Director or Producer". To do that Jeffrey plans on studying at film school in Australia.

In the meantime Jeffrey dreams of working with Directors such as Steven Speilberg and George Lucas. "It would be fun to work on a film such as INDIANA JONES or STAR WARS". And when he does hit Hollywood Jeffrey would very much like to work with stars like Robin Williams, Tom Hanks or Elisha Wood.

And though these may be dreams, there's no doubting Jeffrey will give it his best shot. "If you've got a goal don't let anyone stand in your way. Anyone can achieve something if they really want it". Words of wisdom from a 14 year old who has already achieved more than some people would ever dare to dream of.


Australian born Jeremy Angerson began his acting career quite unexpectedly whilst selling Clapper hats at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. At age 15 he was cast as the lovable street rogue, "Sparrow", in the internationally acclaimed film SEBASTIAN AND THE SPARROW.

Because of his heritage which includes an exotic mix of Sri Lankan, Javanese, Swiss, Irish, Italian and German, Jeremy has managed to perform roles that are suitably fitted to his heritage such as "Sparrow" a Vietnamese- Australian street kid. The combination of European and Asian ancestry also proved perfect for the role of "Kal" who comes from the "Planet of the Oceans" in the third series of Ocean Girl.

Jeremy was excited at the prospect of playing the character of KAL given the infinite possibilities such a role had to offer, "KAL is unquestionably alien, from his appearance to his rather peculiar habits. He knows nothing of what it means to be human and sees life very much like a child whose world is safe and full of adventure".

Jeremy admits the role was a challenge, "The joys and innocence of childhood and the relationship with my 3 year old niece, Isabella, were perfect memories to draw from in establishing the wonderment that KAL experiences on the Opal Planet (Earth). Hopefully people will see what the passage of time and simply living does to a person, a child, who knows only trust and love and what this living of life can do to people if we don't behave responsibly."

Jeremy is committed to his work and ranks this as his favourite passion, second to doing absolutely nothing. "Nothing usually involves something" Jeremy says "my other hobbies include regular trips to the cinema, dangerous sports, hearty feasting and a preference toward Jazz and Soul music."

Whilst filming the third series of Ocean Girl on the Great Barrier Reef Jeremy was astonished to find that a pod of dolphins had decided to join the cast and crew for a play. "These aquatic sages suddenly appeared, quizzically studied our appearance there, then disappeared to feast on a school of fish!" remarks Jeremy, "I was in the water at the time and was totally blown away".

Jeremy's other screen credits include roles in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, BLUE HEELERS, HALIFAX F.P., NEIGHBOURS and most recently and coincidentally, FLIPPER.

Jeremy hopes to be working in America soon after he has completed other acting commitments.

These biographies was graciously provided by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, and is used with permission.