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September 28, 1997: Happy Birthday, Marzena!
Updated biography.

You can find an extensive revision history here
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Marzena Godecki as 'Neri'
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The Ocean Girl mailing list

There is now a mailing list for Ocean Girl!

It offers a great opportunity for fans of Ocean Girl to have a way of communicating between each other!

To subscribe you need to:

Send e-mail to: listserv@remote.cob.fsu.edu
In the body of the message type: subscribe ocean-girl

That should be all it takes to join the discussion group! - See you there!

Site History
September 5, 1996: Started this fanpage as a simple Marzena Godecki Picture Gallery.
September 29, 1996: Complete redesign and split into a mainpage and five subpages, one of these (the picture gallery) again with three subpages.
November 4, 1996: Started revision history.
Added 12 pictures from Noreo's page in Japan.
November 7, 1996: Redesigned the revision history for better appearance.
Received updated biographies for four of the stars, including Marzena Godecki, from Jonathan M. Shiff Productions and updated the biography section.
Added an extra Picture Gallery Page, splitting the previous two Noreo pages into three with a maximum of 40 pictures to a page.
November 8, 1996: Added some back dates in the revision history.
Added links (in 'Hyperlinks') to a detailed Ocean Girl Guide and a German Ocean Girl homepage.
November 9, 1996: Split the fanmail section into a seperate subpage off the mainpage.
November 11, 1996: Added 8 pictures from Noreo's page.
Updated obsolete Email-addresses here and there.
Added navigation buttons to the picture gallery pages.
November 12, 1996: Added Q&A section on the 'Fanmail' page.
November 19, 1996: Added 12 pictures from Noreo's page.
November 21, 1996: Created GG, a Gallery Generator for easy picture gallery maintainance. Using a limit of 32 pictures to a gallery page increased the number of picture gallery pages to 7.
November 26, 1996: This site won the 'Celebrity Site of the Day Award' today!
Added 12 pictures from Noreo's page and updated address to Noreo page (he's got his own domain now!).
November 27, 1996: Added information on the Ocean Girl mailing list.
November 30, 1996: Added more location info courtesy of Philip Watts.
December 2, 1996: Added 12 new pictures from Noreo's page.
December 9, 1996: Added 8 new pictures from Noreo's page.
December 11, 1996: Added 8 new pictures from Noreo's page.
December 24, 1996: Added 8 new pictures from Noreo's page.
December 28, 1996: Added 8 new pictures from Noreo's page.
January 22, 1997: Updated the mail list address.
January 26, 1997: Added 12 new pictures from Noreo's page.
February 4, 1997: Added 2 new pictures from various sources.
February 11, 1997: Added 16 new pictures from Noreo's page. Added 11 new pictures from the Lauren Hewett section of BCrazy's archives.
February 16, 1997: Added more location infomation to the 'Technical Info' page.
February 18, 1997: Added 91 new pictures from BCrazy's starlet archive.
March 13, 1997: Added 24 new pictures from Noreo's page.

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